Social networking takes on the cyber-postman.

E-Mail is an internet staple, that most of us couldn’t imagine living without but in a recent article from media hub Mashable it seems our hunger for social networking is fast outgrowing that for our inbox.

The statistics given, from Nielsen Online, show clearly how “Member communities” – particularly Facebook and Myspace, are sites we’re visiting more than any other.

At first glance, it seems a somewhat outlandish statement to make, even after wading through the facts and figures, but if looked at from an up-to-date perspective, it maybe isn’t as far-fetched as we may think.

Social networking is fast becoming a reputable way of conducting ourselves online. Gone are the early-teenage right-of-passage days of taking photo’s of yourself from an obscure angle sporting a ridiculously colourful clothing ensemble and a pout to rival that of Victoria Beckham. Myspace has moved over and a bigger, better and thankfully more demure (some may argue otherwise) Facebook has filled it’s shoes tenfold. The simple fact that a whopping 12.4 million 35-to-49 year olds joined up in 2008 alone surely suggests that we are using social networking to actually meet me people, and, well, network. I mean, come on, people THAT old, wouldn’t venture out of their armchairs and into the weird and wonderful world of the internet for nothing now, would they?

On a more serious note, however, does it not make perfect sense to contact someone via a Facebook message, if you’re on Facebook, than send an e-mail? Not everyone checks their inbox daily, but most log in to see what’s going down in social networking town at least once a day. Reliable AND a perfect excuse to check for updates at work. Brilliant. Okay, so we’re not quite digging Hotmail’s grave just yet, but it seems nothing can stop this social networking explosion. What next?

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