The end is nigh/ the beginning of something beautiful.

To most social networking is a relatively fresh idea. 2007 was when Facebook became a big social networking contender, and only a few years before that Myspace swept the younger generation into a cyber-frenzy of crazy-angled-self-portraits and profile-perfecting.

In a recent article by the Guardian, some experts have speculated recently, however, that our beloved social platform could be on it’s last legs, and even that it could be the last big boom the internet will see.

What next? Because of the public’s massive involvement with the growth and shaping of the internet, even the experts are kept playing the guessing game.

It seems only natural that things should progress, but what more can the world of social networking give us short of cooking our meals and hoovering our front rooms? You would think that every possible avenue has pretty much been explored, but then again, does the sheer volume of the internet itself suggest an immeasurable amount of possibilities?

Twitter mastermind Biz Stone suggested that not only the content but the very boundaries of social networking should be pushed. That, like Twitter, the cyber social scene should be more of a window into the lives of anyone and everyone, as opposed to us allowing certain people to view our profiles and visa versa. Unlike the ‘Friends’ concept of Facebook, Myspace and their cronies, we would be able to more or less spy on everyone, without so much as a ‘how do you do?’ in their direction.

It all seems like a good idea until we realise that were stuck in a potentially Big Brother-esque situation.
Do we really want a faceless cyber-space?
Isn’t half the pull our own craving to fulfil some sort of unwritten quota of attention and love? Would we bother telling the world our woes if the people we were throwing it out to, were not people at all, but the somewhat non-descript grey matter of the general public of the WWW?

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