Ba-da Bing!

Although not directly associated with social networking, the news surrounding the search-engine wars is definitely a pointer in the direction of a more online life.

Most of us take Google’s results for Gospel, as we take in the air we breathe; if it’s not there, it’s not anywhere. Right?
Possibly. But for how much longer this is the case is uncertain.

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch, obviously not satisfied with having all of his finger’s, thumbs, and goodness knows what else in the hearty pie that is the Media, has sparked controversy this week with his new preposition.

In layman’s terms, Murdoch owns news company’s such as Sky, and feels robbed of his precious pennies when people click through Google, and he doesn’t get anything from is except millions of people visiting his sites. Poor guy. Really do feel for him. With this in mind, he wants to team up with Microsoft’s own search engine, Bing (lovingly dubbed the ‘Poor man’s Google’) to sell them exclusivity to search traffic, by creating blocks on some news sights so that they cease to appear on the Google search results.

There has also been talk of charging for access to some news sights, but has so far been mostly speculation. The phrase ‘don’t run before you can walk’ springs to mind. People have to want his news sites in particular to even use Bing in the first place, let alone pay for the privilege, and with blogging booming, news doesn’t stay in one place for long. Surely Rupert’s got enough years in the business to know that charging people for a service they don’t need, probably don’t want, and could get somewhere else for free is pretty ludicrous?

That said, however, the internet’s phenomena’s and failures have shocked in the past, and this could well do the same, many are saying.

It is worth thinking about the fact that hundreds of print news publications have gone under recently because the big bad credit crunch has rendered the world luxury-less.
Never say never, I suppose.

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