The first step towards beating addiction is admitting you have a problem…

Take Windows Stuff with You

In an article in The Daily Telegraph last week (get all the nitty gritty facts and figures here), it was claimed that the average person spent a bum-numbing 70 and a half hours on Facebook in the last 12 months. My initial reaction to this statistic was along the lines of “SEVENTY HOURS?! And a HALF?! I could have probably walked around the world, built a house, and listened to the entire Micheal Jackson back catalogue 7 million times in 70 hours!” But then, when I actually thought about it, the grim realisation hit me that my own personal figure, and probably many of those around me, who are also bored and in further education, is much, much higher. I am logged into Facebook for all of the time I am on a computer, ever. And probably check my phone every couple of hours..or so. Albeit not being constantly browsed, the site is still there in the corner of my eye for a lot of my day. How incredibly sad.
Right, got to go…pages need to be refreshed and status’ updated. No rest for the wicked..

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