The fine line

“We need others. We need others to love and we need to be loved by them. There is no doubt that without it, we too, like the infant left alone, would cease to grow, cease to develop, choose madness and even death.”

~ Leo Buscaglia

The vast, colourful and ever-growing
landscape of that God-like powerhouse that we fondly refer to as the ‘Media’ is integrated into our Western lives so much so, that was it taken away, we would surely perish at the mercy of the beige, nondescript monotony of everyday life.

Okay, so maybe it is slightly over-dramatic to suggest that society would be on it’s knees if Facebook, Twitter, Bebo or Myspace crashed for a day. But in all honesty, we would shed an emoticon tear or two for the lack of pointless interaction we would experience without our favourite social networking sites.

Whether you’re a closet poet, an armchair activist, a gaming GOD or just a casual P.C. papparazzi, spying on the rich, famous, or ‘bored at work’ and chuckling in an evil-yet-contented manner, the internet’s plethora of these type of sites has everything we want and more to keep us increasingly logged in to online life.

The question I am posing, however, is this: Is our involvement in this big, bad, glittery inter-world getting just too much?

Have we crossed that electrical wire-width of a line between reality and fantasy?

Are we – as Chandler from Friends once wisely said – “so far past the line that the line is a dot” to us?

From celebrity-induced mini-revolutions to your average Tom, Dick and Harry’s appearing out of near obscurity to the bright lights of Z-list fame and fortune; the age old ‘world-is-your-stage’ chestnut is becoming evermore a realistic thing.

To be so involved, as we are in this day and age, in this social networking phenomenon cannot come without it’s downfalls. The views and ideals on which our very culture is built, were created by a rather more ‘active’ society. It could be, although bold, realistic to suggest that, if the way we communicate with one another changes dramatically, then surely the way we think and feel and function in society follows suit. I am not quite talking in terms of The Matrix or parallel universes here however It would surely be ignorant to think that this online boom could sail happily through it’s era without influencing the world around it.

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